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At Booth 52, our personality, culture and values are all about empowering and educating brands getting ready to launch and ready to trade, or assisting established brands ready to add to their trade mark portfolio. Our wealth of experience and expertise, combined with state-of-the-art clearance searching tools, can help you save time, expense and disappointment in the long run. We can offer brand assurance and reassurance and help you position and ultimately protect your brand in the marketplace. We can manage your trade mark portfolio both in the UK and around the world.


We understand the pain points of new brands and well established brands already in the marketplace who want their reputation and investment protected.


We are honest and promise to deliver results which will enable you to succeed in the marketplace.


We can save you time, expense and disappointment and provide you with full clearance reports for use and registration of your brand.


You are at the heart of what we do – Do not think that just because you have registered a domain name or registered a company name at Companies House you can use or go on to register this name as your trade mark! You need to make sure that the name you are intending to use is free to use and is not infringing the rights of a third party who already has ownership.

Too many times a trader has not done their due diligence only to find that the trade mark or brand name they have invested in has to cease and desist. Imagine you are some way down the production line, having launched your product or service, only to be told to pull your product or, worse still, you have to pay damages and account of profits to a third party who has rights in the name you are using. Such mistakes can cost you dearly!