SHEroes of the world unite!

SHEroes of the world unite!

Women owned businesses are growing at an exponential rate and this is being nurtured by a sense of sisterhood and a supportive ecosystem. Women are opportunistic creatures, if truth be told – just look at the statistics – one in three is venturing into the start-up macrocosm and setting up as a (f)entrepreneur.  Despite not having years of work experience, women are putting their networks to good use.

Powerful hashtags on a daily basis highlight #fempreneur #femalefounders #femmeentrepreneurs #ladieswholaunch #shemeansbusiness #womenentrepreneurs to name just a half dozen.  There is a huge movement underfoot.  Think Mumsnet, Glossier and DarkTrace.

Where do you fit into the big scheme of things? Young mother of small children? Older woman ready to go back into the workforce?  Indecisive career woman on whether to change career path and dive into the entrepreneurial current?  Or simply a SHEroe armed and ready for advancement, success and promotion?

In a world full of gender-based land mines, female entrepreneurs are, despite hindrances underfoot, taking that big leap and helming women-led and women-focused businesses. Women are determinedly overcoming every possible hurdle; there is proof a growing number of the world’s greatest unicorns are female founded.

Women entrepreneurs have changed the startup landscape with their determination, grit, graft and grace. The impetus for women becoming successful entrepreneurs is gaining momentum.  Alas, investment opportunities for women are still moving at a snail’s pace.  However, that does not act as a deterrent.  With women entrepreneurs carving out a niche for themselves across the globe, it is high time to applaud the aptitude of women entrepreneurship and those women who create an organisation from scratch and by boot-strapping it.

Women are seizing the opportunity to participate and contribute to the world’s economic growth.  There are growing networks which are helping to realise the need that more women investors and mentors are required in the system.

Ladies, it is time to explore new opportunities.  Project yourself with all your might to achieve your goals and realise your dreamsPut your heart and soul into your start-up and show the universe just what a wonder a woman is!