Clearance Searches

  • We use the world’s fastest clearance search engine capable of searching over 180 countries.
  • Our clearance search reports provide you with empowerment, freedom and confidence to apply to register a brand name or assurance that you can use the name on an unregistered basis.
  • Every clearance search we make is accompanied by a full written report, with constructive suggestions, positivity and honesty.
  • Ultimately, our service is comprehensive. We are relentless, but thorough in each search.  Like any investigation, we hope a proposed brand name is free to use, but we search with full intention to find a reason for you not to be able to use the name.

Trade Mark Applications and Registration

  • We can file an application/s to register a brand name, in any class, in any country in the world.
  • Not only can we file an application at the UKIPO, we can file an EU application/s at the EUIPO, Madrid Protocol (International application) at WIPO and for national applications, we use our appointed local attorneys; attorneys that we have personally known and used for over 30 years, having built strong established relationships on professionalism, honesty and trust.

Worldwide Watching Service

  • Our service is similar to that of a clearance search, but on a daily basis.
  • The watching service will look at any similar marks, visually and phonetically, and for similar goods and services to those covered by your registration/s.
  • The service starts from the moment an application is filed at any Intellectual Property Office in which you have a registration.
  • Each notification we forward provides you with full information of the brand name applied for, the owner/applicant, the date of filing your application and the goods and/or services for which the application covers.
  • The notification will also advise at what stage the application is and of any deadlines within which legal action must be taken.

Trade Mark Renewal and Maintenance

  • We offer a trade mark renewal monitoring system, that provides timely reminders of impending renewals to ensure that these deadline dates are never missed and always acted upon.