Consumers all love food, right?  Gone are the days where consumers ate for indulgence and gluttony.  One would eat first, then ask questions later.

Eating has become the latest ‘gym’.  Consumers now spend more money making sure the food digested makes them feel lighter, taller, shorter, even younger.

Packaging labels have never been more visible.  Consumers scrutinise labels for advice and knowledge.  Never has a brand name been more important to stand out from competitors on a shelf, crying out to be picked up and read and to be understood.

Consumers are fortunate to have such an overwhelming choice; that’s when a brand name and the story behind a brand name comes into play.  What drives a consumer to purchase a brand and tune into the ethos behind the company?

Some people suffer from food intolerances. Certain food groups can disagree with their wellbeing. Therefore, food education is a subject that keeps evolving. Consumers search for products that make them feel good, without risk. Companies hear and see the demand for new products that deliver on a promise.

Intellectual property has become increasingly important to secure a brand’s standing and market position. Clients are often asked “How do you want to be known?”.  There are four types of intellectual property: a trade mark is a brand name, a badge of origin; a design is the shape of a product which can be equally as important, if not more so, than your brand name.  Copyright is the wording used on packaging, the images and ingredients, but for some, the latter is more relevant to patent protection.

Focusing on the development of a brand name and the marketing behind its coming to market costs £s. Imagine that moment on the day of launch to receive news of the existence of an identical name or a very similar name already in the marketplace. Imagine the financial implications that this has on a company, but more so valuable time wasted. It is imperative to research prior to pressing the ‘green go’ button.

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