Before you launch


Do not think that just because you have registered a domain name or registered a company name at Companies House you can use or go on to register this name as your trade mark!  Do your research!  You need to make sure that the name you are intending to use is free to use and is not infringing the rights of a third party who already has ownership.

Too many times a trader has not done their due diligence only to find that the trade mark or brand name they have invested in has to cease and desist.  Imagine you are some way down the production line, having launched your product or service, only to be told to pull your product or, worse still, you have to pay damages and account of profits to a third party who has rights in the name you are using.  Such mistakes can cost you dearly!

There are clearance search specialists out there.   Clearance search specialists can reduce the level of anxiety when starting out on a new business venture.  Imagine applying for a trade mark only to find out that the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) has identified a trader out there, whom they are obliged to contact and inform, whose mark is identical or similar to yours and that this trader has the right to object to the use and registration of your mark.

Words of advice?  Do your due diligence!  Booth 52 is on a mission to inform and aid creative women entrepreneurs and young creative entrepreneurs at the very nascent stage of setting up a business and getting ready to trade or seeking seed funding.  We can help you get it right from the “get go”.

Remember!  The first to register a name, brand or logo has the strongest rights to use and protect the registered trade mark!  It is really worth the investment!